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The Mama Liz

The Mama Liz was the B-26 Marauder flown by Captain Moses Gatewood and his crew on June 24, 1944 during the air raid on the Sartrouville/Maisons-Laffitte railway bridge. The Mama Liz was hit by flak shortly after the bomb run and crashed  in Goupillères near Flexanville shortly afterwards. Gatewood managed to escape and reach Spain (See his escape report). The 5 other airmen were made immediately made prisoner by the Nazis and spent the rest of the war in German stalags.

The Mama Liz was not their usual airplane. They were usually flying onboard another B-26 Marauder called "Holy Moses".

  The Mama Liz
The Mama Liz - Photo Franklin Allen Collection, via Brian Gibbons



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